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Remote Access
Remote Access and Teleworking

We increase your productivity by implementing a secure and efficient remote access platform that allows access to your internal data and network resources, from any location around the world. A mobile workforce provides numerous social, environmental, and economic advantages. DNSS offers a range of highly secure, flexible, and cost-effective remote access solutions for your organization, all designed to help your organization realize these benefits.

Working remotely helps ensure continuity of operations, as employees and remote workers can work from home or any location during bad weather, disasters, or other situations that prevent them from commuting.

Other benefits of teleworking include:

  • Improved job satisfaction and productivity, as workers avoid the lengthy, expensive commute
  • Greater environmental stability, since telework reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduction in office support costs, including expenses for business commuting and real estate
  • Ability to offer a flexible working environment